High Touch Technologies’ Dallas Data Center facilities are designed to house your mission critical business servers and provide you with peace of mind.

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Server Space Sized For You

If you need just 1U of server colocation or have a complex network that will fill a quarter cabinet or half cabinet, our Colo by the U solution is a flexible colocation option that can accommodate your needs today but provide scalability for your company’s future growth. You’ll save money by paying only for the cabinet space that you need.

What is a “U”?

A U is 1.75 inches of vertical cabinet space within a 42U cabinet. Most data centers require that you pay for a minimum of half a cabinet (or 73.5 inches of space). But if you have a server that only requires 2U (or 3.5 inches) of space, then you’re paying for a lot of unused cabinet space. That’s a waste of money! Now you can see the benefit of the scalable solution – Colo by the U.

Let Us Be Your Complete IT Solution

Focus on your core business instead of spending resources managing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Our managed IT services enable you to concentrate more on your business while you trust our experts to handle your IT solutions.