Virtual Desktop Hosting

Easily provide multiple copies of the same desktop.

Virutal Desktop Hosting in the Cloud

Experience cost savings by providing desktops and applications as a cloud service with virtual desktop hosting. Supply the technology and workspace for employees or others as they need it on any device, no matter where they’re located.

Virtual desktops allow you to deliver multiple copies of the same desktop to uniform user groups such as call centers or customer service desks. This allows you to deliver customized desktops to individual users without having to fluctuate hardware. Even if multiple testing environments are needed – they can all be used through one computer with virtual desktops.

The Dallas Data Center’s virtual desktop hosting services offer VMware, XenServer from Citrix, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, and more. We can deliver the expertise and know-how to help you get virtualized.

Major Benefits of Virtual Desktop Hosting

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