Cloud Services

Be sure that your hardware assets are in a safe setting. Excessive heat, humidity, dust, and cold can damage and lessen the performance of hardware. Automatically get a back-up solution for disaster recovery with our virtual server hosting. Or, if your hosting your own hardware – our back-up solution can be added to ensure recovery.

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual servers do not physically exist and can therefore be moved around and scaled up (or down) on the fly without affecting the end user…

Virtual Desktop Hosting

Easily provide multiple copies of the same desktop. Experience cost savings by providing desktops and applications as a cloud service …

Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe with cloud-based disaster recovery. Cloud-based disaster recovery saves all your data to an off-site server every day…

Cloud Solutions

In very basic terms, “the cloud” refers to the Internet. Any file uploaded or saved to a cloud application can be accessed over the Internet through that same cloud application. If the file is downloaded on your home computer, your work computer, and/or your smart phone – you have access to that file through the cloud application.

With your data in the cloud, it is hosted on a secure offsite server in our data center facilities. Cloud computing eliminates the need to maintain your own data center. Critical business data, server operating applications, network, and communication assets are kept in a secure and environmentally controlled facility.

Network-based cloud services can be accessed by virtualization – virtual server hosting and/or virtual desktop hosting.

  • Cloud solutions create a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). Fees associated with licensing, implementation, customization, maintenance and upgrades are minimized.
  • Capital expenditures – there are no infrastructure investments such as servers, hardware, and networking equipment required with cloud computing.
  • Less IT personnel is required and in some cases an IT department is no longer needed – monthly costs are more predictable.